Jazz Coventry
At The Albany Club

The Albany Club is delighted to be the home of Jazz Coventry. We've had some world class musicians play in recent months and hope to continue to grow as a venue with a national and international reputation. Everyone welcome, around 8:00pm onwards.

We present a wide range of music from mainstream through Bebop to adventurous contemporary jazz.

Artists appearing are the best available groups, usually active on London's jazz scene, and American and European musicians when available. Young emerging bands are regularly featured and groups presented are normally regular working bands rather than soloists plus rhythm sections.

Gigs are usually held once a month upstairs in the concert room which comfortably holds 250 people. Visit www.jazzcov.co.uk for more information on upcoming gigs.

2017 Concerts Coming Up

For booking in advance contact Neil McGowan on 07811 203727 or neil.mcgowan@btconnect.com

Thursday 14th September Adrian Litvinoff’s Interplay

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Interplay, the well-established five-piece contemporary jazz ensemble based in the Midlands, is by turns lyrical and energetic, spontaneous and crafted. Through the compositions of bassist and leader Adrian Litvinoff the band invokes such varied musical and cultural references that audiences are constantly delighted and refreshed. Not for nothing has the band’s performance been described as ‘modern jazz with a smile’.

The front line players, Alan Wakeman (saxes, flute) and Richard Baker (trombone), are fine individual performers who have also developed a notable rapport through playing together in the band. Alan’s emotive freewheeling style contrasts piquantly with Richard’s more structured melodic approach, with beautiful results. Both are in demand as soloists, and they have recently been playing together in Richard Baker’s quintet also.

An accomplished soloist as well as an accompanist, keyboard player Neil Hunter is much sought after across the Midlands, appearing widely with Tony Kofi, Greg Abate and other visiting jazz celebrities. His musical understanding and resourcefulness mean that he constantly re-interprets the music in intriguing ways while remaining at the heart of the band’s sound, often achieving spectacular technical feats along the way.

Drummer and percussionist Dave Balen brings a different sensibility to the band, expressed through his imaginative use of percussion from around the world. He provides an ebb and flow of energy that avoids many of the tropes of jazz in favour of a more questioning and conversational style. Outside Interplay Dave has a continuing involvement with Indian music and is frequently to be heard performing on tabla.

Adrian Litvinoff, bassist and principal writer for the group, has many musical allegiances that inform both his writing and his playing. His main activities outside the band embrace Celtic Fusion rock, and classic Blues and Soul. Through Adrian’s refusal to be pigeonholed he has evolved a personal musical perspective from which to develop what critic Ian Mann (The JazzMann) has called a ‘distinctive group sound and philosophy’ (Warwick Arts Centre, June 2014).

Interplay has played at many jazz venues and also at community events. Recent appearances include a concert for International Jazz Day featuring South African trumpeter Claude Deppa, and a radio broadcast on behalf of Jazz UK launching the Coventry #4Jazz Festival. A musical celebration that is also a quest, this is music that anyone can enjoy and feel a part of the journey.

The Band:
Adrian Litvinoff: Bass
Alan Wakeman: Saxes and Flute
Richard Baker: Trombone
Neil Hunter: Keyboards
Dave Balen: Drums

See more at: http://interplayjazz.co.uk/

Tickets £10, students £5

Thursday 28th September The Orjan Hulten Orion Quartet
A joint gig with Kenilworth Jazz Club, Leam Jazz and Straford Jazz

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Örjan Hultén, one of Sweden's foremost saxophonists and improvisers, is a musical explorer always looking for the next challenge. His quartet Orion was conceived from Örjan's impulse to create something altogether fresh in 2009. The critically acclaimed quartet has recorded three albums and the latest, “Fältrapport/Field Report” from 2016, has as well as the two earlier albums, received stunning reviews. In his compositions Örjan Hultén moves effortlessly across boundaries and musical genres. Here and there Middle Eastern and Balkan traits can be heard while one can distinguish traces from Wayne Shorter or Joni Mitchell in other parts.

Örjan Hultén Orion is featuring four of Sweden’s top musicians, each of them a wellknown and celebrated musician/bandleader in his own right. This is the first time the quartet is touring the UK.

Reviews of latest album “Fältrapport”:

”Weighty jazz music of absolute world class.” Svenska Dagbladet
”A proper parade of ensemble playing and composing skills” - Nerikes Allehanda
”Urgent from start to finish” Kulturdelen.com
”a well coherent reflection over contemporary acoustic jazz” – Dagens Nyheter
“his calm and convincing playing in combination with the intensity and power of the tone is strongly impressive” –Orkester Journalen

Reviews of Örjan:

“Absolutely one of my favorite musicians, with a top notch sound on tenor sax as well as on the soprano, with outstanding phrasing and timing, all with unrelenting focus. Here is that musical depth and dedication that all expressions of jazz must have. All this is clearly heard in his playing and in his unique compositions. – Anders Bergcrantz, trumpet soloist
Like few others he succeeds in combining smoldering fire with rigorous structure in his improvisations." – Tobias Brandt, La Musik
"He possesses a unique and flexible timbre on tenor and soprano, a feeling for rhythm and melody and a sense of adventure deeply rooted in humorous curiosity." - Ingrid Strömdahl, SvD

The Band:
Örjan Hultén: Soprano and Tenor Saxophone
Torbjörn Gulz: Piano
Filip Augustson: Bass
Peter Danemo: Drums

See more at: www.artogrush.com

Tickets £12, students £6

Thursday 19th October The John Etheridge Blue Spirit Organ Trio with guest Vimala Rowe

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Drawing on a vast reservoir of musical experience spanning 43 years, Etheridge distills the bluesier side of his musical world in a repertoire that manifests intensity and emotion as it’s main quality ,with subtlety ,fluidity and interaction as central. Pete Whittaker is a superb accompanist and soloist and drummer Mark Fletcher is celebrated for his drive an invention. The repertoire is edgy and engaging with a forceful drive and bravura performances….A must!

The trio will be joined by special guest Vimala Rowe, a vocalist who has created a big stir on the scene in the last 2 years. The duo album made with Etheridge garnered plaudits everywhere and was picked in the top Ten of the year in both the Guardian and the Sunday Times. Expect passionate delivery and swing, encompassing repertoire from across the world '

The Band:
John Etheridge: Guitars
Vimala Rowe: Vocals
Pete Whittaker: Organ
Mark Fletcher: Drums

See more at: http://www.johnetheridge.com/ and http://www.vimala.tv/

Tickets £12, students £6

Thursday 16th November John Turville’s Soltstice

Thursday 7th December The Dave O’Higgins Quartet