Garden & Smoking Area

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One of the best additions to the club and something we're very proud of is the beer garden.

A secluded natural suntrap for most of the day away from the busy Earlsdon high street, Here you can relax in comfort, take your time over a cool drink or coffee, maybe read a book or newspaper in the finest beer garden in Earlsdon.

We look after the garden on a regular basis and it's the best in the area. Surrounded by 2 metre high fences and with motorway style steel barriers outside, it's a garden in which you can relax with the whole family in confidence.

There is also an all weather covered heated area for our smoking customers here too.

Our entrance foyer features private access onto a continental style front patio which is fenced off from the Earlsdon high street.

Here our customers can sit at Cafe type tables and chairs in the open air - great for those relaxing summer days "Watching the boys and girls that make the world go by" as Andy Williams famously sang.

Our customers may also smoke here.