Jazz Coventry
At The Albany Club

The Albany Club is delighted to be the home of Jazz Coventry. We've had some world class musicians play in recent months and hope to continue to grow as a venue with a national and international reputation. Everyone welcome, around 8:00pm onwards.

We present a wide range of music from mainstream through Bebop to adventurous contemporary jazz.

Artists appearing are the best available groups, usually active on London's jazz scene, and American and European musicians when available. Young emerging bands are regularly featured and groups presented are normally regular working bands rather than soloists plus rhythm sections.

Gigs are usually held once a month upstairs in the concert room which comfortably holds 200 people. Visit www.jazzcov.co.uk for more information on upcoming gigs.

For more detail of all Jazz Coventry gigs visit: www.jazzcov.co.uk

After the summer break...

Thursday 27th September at 8:00pm
The Bryan Corbett Quartet

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“Corbett has a tone and easiness of style it is tempting to take for granted – but it takes great maturity, not to mention skill, to convey such ease of expression. In many ways he sounds unfashionable – sticking to melody over pattern-playing, consolidating in a narrow stylistic range rather than being all things to all audiences. But I’d argue that a better word than unfashionable might be timeless. Corbett’s playing is the musical equivalent of blue jeans.” - Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast

  • Bryan Corbett   -  trumpet / flugelhorn
  • Al Gurr              -  piano
  • Ben Markland   -  bass
  • Luke Flowers    -  drums

Admission £12 on the door. Students £6

See more about Bryan at his website

11th October – The Julian Costello Quartet

15th November – Greg Abate and the Elliot Samson Trio

6th December – Alans Barnes’ Christmas Carol

For booking in advance contact Neil McGowan on 07811 203727 or neil.mcgowan@btconnect.com