Jazz Coventry
At The Albany Club

The Albany Club is delighted to be the home of Jazz Coventry. We've had some world class musicians play in recent times and hope to continue to grow as a venue with a national and international reputation. Everyone welcome, around 8:00pm onwards.

The Roberto Bossard Quintet

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Thursday 9th June, 8.00pm

Roberto Bossard, Guitar

For almost four decades, Roberto is performing on Stage. Even though his Gibson ES 5 hails from the year 1949, he does not linger in nostalgic romanticization but absorbs the immense diversity of today’s musical scene with mindful observation – aided by his working as a professor at the jazz academy HsLu Luzern.

Toni Bechtold, Sax

Roland von Flüe, Domenic Landolf, Christoph Grab, Andy Scherrer – those are some of the numerous distinguished tenor saxophonists of Helvetian Provenience who manage to persist nationally and internationally. However, Toni Bechtold has to be taken in account here, without ifs and buts. Never heard of him? This will change soon enough. Native of Heidenheim an der Brenz, Germany, Toni settled in Lucerne during his academic years and set about conquering the scene musically. Highly sophisticated technique and with enormous musical depth.

Lukas Gernet, Piano

Being raised in a family of musicians active in the Swiss “Ländler” music scene, it occurred to the pianist Lukas Gernet already at a young age that music holds an infinite amount of variety. Another massive influence on his musical development can be found in his initially classical education, although he has by now found his true musical identity in the freedom of improvisational jazz music. He distinguishes himself through his soloistic abilities and importantly, being a pianist, his sensitive way of comping.

Raffaele Bossard, Bass

Never has time, is always busy, always “on the road” in all of Europe, playing with the hippest exponents of “nowadays” Jazz or with “veterans of old” such as Joe Haider. His moments of free time are few and thus precious, which is why he takes the liberty of being picky about his appointments. He can afford this, for he is simply one of the best double-bass players of the country and beyond. Rhythmically like a rock, his sound powerful leaving nothing to be desired.

Dominic Egli, Drums

Born in the year of 1976, Dominic Egli started drumming at the age of 10 years. He graduated the jazz school of Bern (under the teachings of Billy Brooks) and continued his education with the Drummers Collective New York, “bass master” Peter Frei and in drumming groups in Ghana. He is also the leader of the trio PLURISM and member of numerous bands, such as Mats-up, Reto Suhner Quartet, Ohad Talmor Trio, etc. The awardee of the “Förderpreis Generations 98” and the “Contemporary Patterns Contest Bern 01” also placed two times second in the ZKB-Jazz award of Zurich and plays concerts nationally and internationally with musicians such as Andy Scherrer, Franco Ambrosetti, Rich Perry, Don Friedman, Dave Douglas, Ohad Talmor, etc. and took part in over 45 CD’s.

The Band

  • Roberto Bossard - guitar

  • Toni Bechtold - alto sax

  • Lukas Gernet - piano

  • Raffaele Bossard - bass

  • Dominic Egli - drums

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Tickets £12, students £6 – Cash or Card on the Door

For booking in advance contact Neil McGowan on 07811 203727 or neil.mcgowan@btinternet.com

For more detail of all Jazz Coventry gigs visit: www.jazzcov.co.uk

Planned Program – 2022

22nd September: The Julian Siegel Quartet

20th October: The Matt Ridley Quartet

10th November: The Alan Barnes Octet – David Copperfield Project

8th December: The Zoe Gilby Quintet featuring Toni Kofi


16th March: The Dime Notes

We present a wide range of music from mainstream through Bebop to adventurous contemporary jazz.

Artists appearing are the best available groups, usually active on London's jazz scene, and American and European musicians when available. Young emerging bands are regularly featured and groups presented are normally regular working bands rather than soloists plus rhythm sections.

Gigs are usually held once a month upstairs in the concert room which comfortably holds 200 people. Visit www.jazzcov.co.uk for more information on upcoming gigs.

For more detail of all Jazz Coventry gigs visit: www.jazzcov.co.uk

For booking in advance contact Neil McGowan on 07811 203727 or neil.mcgowan@btinternet.com