Club Membership & Benefits

Membership Renewals

Membership renewals take place in the month of January every year

Renewals are now closed. You will be asked for your card either on entering the club or at the bar to show that you have renewed for 2021.

Members missing the 27 June deadline can expect a £5 late renewal fee on top of the usual fee and removal of all club priviligies and the de-activation of car park and entry fobs. If you have missed the deadline, you may see the Secretary during office hours. Neither Committee Members or Barstaff can help with this!

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Becoming a New Member

New memberships are taken from 1st July 2021

In accordance with the rules of the Club, both men and women over the age of 18 can now become full members of the Club subject to approval.

Following a groundbreaking decision at a recent CIU conference, women are at last given equal opportunities in membership.

The easiest way to join is by calling into the Club and asking the barstaff for an application form, or you can download a couple in jpg file format if you click on the link below and print it from your computer.

You will need two existing members signatures, one to propose you and the other to second you.

Download a Membership Application Form here

Then simply return your form along with £10.20 for your annual subscription and £10 joining fee (£20.00 returnable if application is unsuccessful) to the Club Secretary, or hand it in at the bar.

Your name will then be posted on the notice board in the foyer for a period of 2 weeks. Provided there have been no objections to you becoming a member, you may then collect your club cards from the Secretary. You will have a period of 2 months from the date of your application to collect your club cards. Failure to do so will result in you having to re-apply and forfeiting your advancement of subscriptions.

You may then also become an affiliate member of the C.I.U. if you wish (additional subscriptions apply).

Processing typically takes 2 or 3 weeks.

Membership Responsibilities

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New Members should obtain a copy of the Rule Book to see what is expected and rules pertaining to disciplinary proceedings and the like.

As a general guide we follow the recommendations of the C.I.U., and their Model Rule Book. You can get a copy from their bookstore. The books, "500 points in Club law" and "Club bookkeeping and financial control" cost ...£11 each (sorry, 1995 prices) and can be bought from the CIU (tel: 0171 2260221)

From the C.I.U. website;

" The Rules Department has obtained approval for a set of Model Rules for clubs from the FSA. A ‘Complete Amendment’ is based upon this Model Rulebook but this may also be amended to accommodate a club’s particular requirements."

Benefits of Membership

Membership has many benefits

Together as a group we are stronger, we have a say in the running of our club - what we sell, when we open, who can come in. The club can be a life saver at the weekends when Earlsdon is like being in a busy city centre. Our barstaff are very efficient under the steady hand of the Steward and the Management Committee, we get served quickly and at most times we can find a seat and watch the match or see some of the best entertainment in the city.

For £10 a year (that's 19.25 pence per week folks) where else would you get ;

Membership of the club that is the envy of other clubs in Coventry

Part ownership in a £7 million going concern

A guaranteed opportunity to have a say in the running of the club

Eligibility to join the Management Committee after 6 months

Guaranteed entry all day 7 days a week to a bar with one of the cheapest range of quality beers wines and spirits in Earlsdon

8 big screens showing all major Sky and BT Sports events in air conditioned rooms

2 pool tables

4 full size snooker tables

The finest beer garden in Earlsdon bar none

Free room hire (subject to approval)

Heated outdoor facility for smokers

Free [most of the time] entertainment Friday and Saturday week in, week out

Free parking in a secure environment

A place where you can bring your kids in confidence and without time restrictions

Free Kids Xmas Panto with gifts

Discounts at local shops - 10% off at AP Harvey Wines (formerly Threshers) & Over the Moon

and last but not least......

BEERMATS provided on tables, Orderly queues at the bar with FAST AND FRIENDLY priority service for drinkers