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Blackball, like American-style eight-ball, is derived from an earlier game invented around 1900 and first popularized in 1925 under the name B.B.C. Co. Pool by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company. Like blackball today, the forerunner game was played with seven yellow and seven red balls, unnumbered (in contrast to the American-style numbered stripes and solids), a black ball, and the cue ball. The game had relatively simple rules compared to the modern game.

Where we play

The Club owns 2 excellent tables, one a permanent fixture in our upstairs games room, and a second in the main bar.
These are regularly kept in tip-top condition.

There are cues if you don't have your own. Lights are free, and there's plenty of room for spectators.

Join the Club

We are currently looking to recruit new teams and players, novice or experienced for this season and beyond.
If you are interested in joining the club see barstaff and ask for a form


call the Albany Club Secretary on 024 7667 3032


Download a form here

The City Pool League

Their season runs annually from June until March

Later on in the season there are competitions run by the City Pool League including end of year singles, doubles, Captains, Ladies, under 18's and the Aggregate Cup.

Visit their website

Our facilities are first rate and we'd be very interested in anyone forming a new team or an established team looking to relocate. Mens, Ladies and mixed teams welcome.

Age restrictions apply playing pool at the club although this may not be the case at away venues.

The club has established banking facilities for sports teams to use and teams are offered dedicated pages just like this one on our website regularly updated with fixtures, results, photos and contact information.